The Beginning

On each one of my friend’s birthdays, I strive to write a birthday wish to them that is meaningful and inspirational. After all, as a friend, I wanted it to be personal – especially since a friend’s birthday only happens once a year. Everyone get’s the standard birthday wish “Happy Birthday!” from everyone else – but once a year, I wanted to send a wish that was heart felt and actually said something – MORE.

So each year, my BFF’s have been getting wishes – written with heartfelt emotion and they usually go something like this:

May this year be filled with success in spades – more than your wildest dreams! PS – Dream BIG!


May this year bring you more purses and shoes than you can possibly dream of! PS – Dream BIG!


May this year be crazy wonderful for you!!! And hope you YEEHAW, WHOOHA, and WHOPPEE every day of the year! PS – Dream BIG!


May this year bring all the love, peace and joy your heart can bear. – P.S. Dream Big!


May this year bring all the wine your cup can handle. – P.S. Dream BIG!

It took me a while, but I saw a pattern and realized, this (“P.S. Dream BIG!“) was my signature line – something I wanted to share with everyone.

So often, we are surrounded by naysayers every day. People who tell us:

-You can’t do that.

-Get real.

-That’s impossible.

-That can’t be done.

What these people don’t realize they are doing is squashing our dreams, killing us, hurting out hearts – little by little. They may even think they are trying to help us.

So, unconsciously, I set out to tell my loved ones, my one wish for all of them. I told them:

-It CAN be done.

-YOU can do it.

-I believe in you.

P.S. DREAM BIG! Dream bigger. DREAM BIG!

And then came New Year’s eve 2011. Time to make a New Year’s wish for myself. Every year I make a wish for the world, for peoples (in general), and 1 special wish just for me. My wish this year was to start write a book. It’s been 2 weeks since I made that wish. I’ve been writing, I’ve been playing around with ideas, and I’ve been brainstorming a name for the book, when suddenly it dawned on me, something I’ve been telling my BFF’s all year long:

Dr. Martin Luther King

Dr. Martin Luther King

P.S. Dream Big!

What a great day to launch a business/motivational blog centered around attaining your WILDEST dreams. TODAY, is Dr. Martin Luther King day, one of the biggest dreamers and visionaries of all time. He had a dream. What’s yours?

P.S. Dream Big!

-Daisy Nguyen

Dreamer, Writer, Motivator, Creator of P.S. Dream BIG!


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