I love this quote from Star Wars:

Luke: I don”t believe it!

Yoda: That”s why you fail.

We want to make it more complicated than that, but it”s not. Believe it: YOU are YOUR limit. You set the limit, so why not dream BIG?

I was a kid when the Star Wars movies came out. As a kid, I did not fully understand what Yoda was trying to say to Luke Skywalker (and to me!), but I kept coming back to that line over and over again throughout my life. I don”t know remember the exact moment when I finally understood, but when I did, it changed my life.

I suddenly realized something about limits. I had two choices when I ran into a limit: (and so do you!)

  1. Remove the limit. Think you need a CPA to get to the next level of your career? Then go GET IT. Think you need an expensive suit to land that fancy job? Then go GET IT. Think you need a <insert magical document or superpower here>? Then GO GET IT. Overcoming these self-imposed limits gives us great power and casino confidence until one day, you…
  2. Believe there is NO LIMIT. See the other solutions and opportunities available to you. So many people see a door that is closed and are so focused on the closed door they don”t see the millions of open doors (i.e. opportunities) available to them. SEE THE OPEN DOORS!
The success you achieve is entirely up to you – what you believe you can do, you will SUCCEED. The opposite is also true – what you do not believe – you will FAIL.
Remember Yoda, and may the force be with you!

PS – Dream BIG!

-Daisy Nguyen

Dreamer. Writer. Motivator. Creator.