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I started my “adult” life very practically. My dreams of being a rockstar or famous author (either one would have worked out wonderfully for me!) had been put on hold in order to chase a college education, be practical, and make enough money to pay the bills. I listened to the practical, guiding voice of my father, and entered college – majoring in the most practical of all majors, accounting.

12 years later, my practicality had brought me to the top of my game – I was employed at one of the largest firms in my industry, holding an import title and a cushy job. I was well liked, successful at what I did, and a superstar in the company. A GREAT gig by all means, until one day I found myself thinking:

I would much rather poke myself in the eye with this pencil than sit through another one of these financial meetings…

I really didn’t want to poke my eyes out, so the only other choice was to correct what made me feel the way I did. So, I began making a series of changes that corrected my course ever so slightly at first, and then much more drastically once I tasted how truly wonderful my life could be. I was moving away from being 110% dissatisfied, to 110% satisfied.

At a family Christmas one year, my mother, whom I adore with all my heart, was telling stories about my childhood to my children. I remember hearing her say to them, “When your mom was a child, she never went anywhere without her notebook. She was like a little mad scientist, scribbling in her notebook everywhere we went, writing about everything she saw. I often wondered if she would paint me a heroine or a villain in one of her books. I thought for sure she would be a famous writer…

I remember sitting there, holding my hot chocolate, and when my mom said those last words, I felt a distinct pang somewhere in the deepest pocket of my heart. (I call this my heart of hearts, that secret place where all your wishes, hopes and dreams are whispered and given life.) It was the ghost of my creative self reaching from the secret place, and she cried gently, but lovingly to me:

“…write, because you must.

That night, I cried. I didn’t know where I went so wrong. How had I ignored my heart all these years? I missed that – so much I barely knew where to begin. The important thing to know – I decided that moment to BEGIN:

  1. I grabbed an empty notebook and just wrote. I wrote down all my secret hopes and dreams – the ones in my heart of hearts. The ones that were whispered but never spoken?THOSE secret hopes and dreams. I wrote them ALL down.
  2. I wrote down all the things that brought me pain, anger, discomfort or even minor irritation. The list was scary. THOSE items were also secretly whispered in my heart, but never acknowledged.
And at the end of it, I looked at both lists and decided I would start adding things on list 1 and eliminating things from list 2 to my life. It went something like this:
  • List 1 would say: WISH: I want to start writing again. Something creative and TOTALLY unstructured and NOT financially related. Create something every day. GRANTED: So I wrote in my journal everyday for a year.
  • List 2 would say: PROBLEM: My job is killing me. SOLUTION: Quit.
It gave me so much power – over my life, over my thoughts – to even just write everything down and acknowledge each and every item on those lists.

It is empowering to KNOW. Empowering to PLAN. And empowering to DO.

Do something – anything to grant myself a secret wish, and then do something – anything to remove pain/irritation from my life. I realized, I’d have to be my on own genie and grant myself those wishes so that I could live MY dream.
It wasn’t easy. But, it wasn’t hard either.
Exactly 12 months from writing my dream lists/wish lists down, I took the biggest step towards living my dream – I quit my job. I began to write. I read. And I added friends that shared my beliefs, supported my dreams and wished for me the things I wished for myself. And somewhere along the way,

I found myself.

By granting myself every secret wish on that list, I found myself. And for the first time in my life,

I liked who I am.

That was 5 years ago. My motto now?

I deny myself nothing – I grant myself everything. Because I TOTALLY deserve it.

And you know what? YOU do too. In this blog, I hope to share with you ways to make your dream a reality. And in doing so, I get to be the writer that I always dreamt of.
What’s your dream?

P.S. Dream BIG!

-Daisy Nguyen
Dreamer, Writer, Creator


  1. Megan Mitsch

    WOW! I love this…you are truly a blessed writer and I look forward to reading what you write on your journey! Love you! Megan

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  2. Daisy

    Megan: Thanks so much for reading! If you like a post, please share it with your friends. I hope you find something that speaks to you here!


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  3. Maria

    Daisy: wow! In love this….so funny…so real!

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  4. Martha

    Daisy, this is a beautiful, poignant and touching post…you hit the nail on the head when you said “write because you must”
    All writers can/ would tell you that thoses words are so true and the fuel behind every good post, article, entry and even tweet is the necessity to share your words with the world.
    You’re doing that, living your dream and making space in that heart of hearts for even more dreams to come in 😉
    Martha recently posted..Cool, calm & collected…My Profile

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