I have no complaints, and I”m grinning from ear to ear every day!

Complaining never changed anything, anyway.

It”s the want to change, the need for change, and the move towards change that creates something positive from something negative.

What is a complaint? It”s your precious time, wasted, thinking about a negative thought. Thinking and speaking negative thoughts don”t help you. Most times, it makes you feel worse – overwhelmed, overworked, under appreciated, underutilized, etc. Complaining sucks the fun out of everything. “Fun sucker” – is that what you want to be known for?

Hate where you live? Why spend all that time complaining about it? Instead, redirect that time on finding a new place to live.

Hate your lying, cheating boyfriend? Why best online casino spend any time complaining about it? Complaining about him never changed him in the past – what makes you think that complaining about it is going to make it better? Spend that time instead reflecting on all the ways that you have attracted the wrong type of boyfriend, and spend that same amount of time making adjustments so that you can attract the kind of boyfriend you deserve.

Hate YOUR job?

Hate your job? Why spend ANYTIME complaining about it. The job isn”t going to change. Spend your time instead finding ways to 1.) find the job you love or 2.) create the job you love.

The only time a complaint is a positive is the moment it makes you realize that something is not quite right. Once you realize it (whether it”s your home, your boyfriend, your job, etc.), you should spend the time trying to figure out why it”s not quite right and making adjustments to make it what you want.

That small, conscious change > from less complaining to making the changes necessary to go from “not so perfect” to PERFECT can make a HUGE difference in your life.

I have no complaints, and I”m grinning from ear to ear every day!

PS – While you”re at it, DREAM BIG!

-Daisy Nguyen

Dreamer. Writer. Creator.