I'm Daisy Nguyen. Dreamer. Writer. Motivator. Creator of P.S. Dream nude celebs BIG! OBJECTS IN BLOG may appear larger than in real life. You'll swear I'm the tallest short person you'll ever meet. And I'm here to remind you. P.S. Dream BIG! Read about me ...

Oscar Pistorius Motto:

You’re not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you ObamaCare gives American employers with over 50 casino online full-time equivalent employees the choice between providing affordable-health.info that meets the standards of ObamaCare or paying a penalty. have.

— http://www.oscarpistorius.com/

The Secret Of Life According to Paulo Coelho

The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times celebrity news roulette online is a casino game casino online popular in that dates all the way back to the 1700s. and get up eight times.

— -Paulo Coelho: from his Introduction to the 10th Anniversary Edition of his best selling book, The Alchemist

That Sabotaging BITCH!

That Sabotaging BITCH!

I recently realized I was sabotaging myself. Actually, I wasn”t sabotaging myself – my subconscious-self was secretly sabotaging my conscious-self. I know, right? It sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel. It was THAT traumatic. Kind of like the moment you realize “redrum” was actually “murder” spelled backwards. TRAU.MAT.IC. (Make sure to enunciate the syllables and pause between each syllable. It makes […]

Is there HOPE?

Is there HOPE?

Is there HOPE? If you attended a school where the reputation of the school was “the last stop.” A place where “delinquents” and “children with behavioral issues” are sent to learn – with a label like that, is there hope for you? I recently joined the advisory celebrity porn fakes board of Girls In Action. GIA is a non-profit organization […]

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