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That Sabotaging BITCH!

That Sabotaging BITCH!

I recently realized I was sabotaging myself. Actually, I wasn”t sabotaging myself – my subconscious-self was secretly sabotaging my conscious-self. I know, right? It sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel. It was THAT traumatic. Kind of like the moment you realize “redrum” was actually “murder” spelled backwards. TRAU.MAT.IC. (Make sure to enunciate the syllables and pause between each syllable. It makes it more dra.ma.tic. You”ll find that my unconscious-self is also *overly* dramatic.)

So anyway, as part of my 2012 goals, I, or more specifically, my conscious-self, decided that I would run a marathon this year. I hired a personal trainer, Danielle Pellicano. (Read about my first session with Pellicano here. This post is VERY traumatizing, so be forewarned.)

My conscious-self did not bother to tell my subconscious-self that we were running a marathon. My conscious-self knew that it would only cause my subconscious-self to fear, to anger, to self-doubt, and most annoyingly of all – to whine. (My subconscious-self can be an incessant whiner.) So, conscious-self made a decision to ignore subconscious-self. And instead, conscious-self told everyone else instead. Conscious-self began running (figuratively) around town, telling everyone she knew:

I”m going to run a marathon this year!

She told her husband. She told her friends. She even told her neighbors – those that would listen. She announced it on FB! She TWEETED it. And she continued to ignore the subconscious-self – because she knew: the subconscious-self was lazy, and would find out too late to be able to change our mind.

The conscious-self thought she had won! She had been training with a personal trainer for 3 weeks – and although grueling, she was growing stronger. The whining and self-doubt were less and less present. Until one day, upon arriving for her personal training appointment with Pellicano, she realized:

I *!%*!ing. FORGOT. my running shoes.

That *bitch* – subconscious-self is sabotaging me!

At this very moment, conscious-self felt sick in the pit of her stomach. The heart they shared felt gripped, torn and caged. This is what panic and TRAU.MA. feel like. Things had been going along so well, when


A direct punch to the stomach, just when conscious-self least expected it.

What did Pellicano have to say to all this drama and trauma?

No Worries! You can go back home and pick them up. The gym will be here when you get back. 🙂

Drama. Trauma. – Gone in the span of 2 seconds. Talk about magic super powers!

And guess what? I haven”t seen that whiny sabotaging bitch since.

The thing about self-sabotage is – we all do it. We set goals. We dare to dream. And just when we”re taking a few steps casino online in the right direction, we sabotage ourselves. We put obstacles in our own way. We *forget* our running shoes. We spend all out time doing anything else because we”re “too busy” – when in actuality, we”re afraid we *might* fail. We”re afraid of a little discomfort. We”re outside our comfort zone. We whine. We whine. We whine some more. We think about all the reasons why NOT. We create unnecessary drama and trauma.

There are 3 wonderful things you should know about self-sabotage:

  1. YOU can stop it. Look for the signs that you are sabotaging your own goals – and STOP! DROP! ROLL! DO anything to stop that self-doubt dead in its tracks. And then – get back ONTO your one way street to success.
  2. A TRUE Friend/Genuine Cheerleader can stop your self-sabotage. Remember: “Drama. Trauma. Gone in the span of 2 seconds.” TRUE Friends and Genuine Cheerleaders who are on your side have that magic super power. Seek them out and make sure they know what your goals are. They”ll STOP you dead in your tracts the moment that self-sabotaging bitch shows up.
  3. YOU can be someone else”s TRUE Friend & Genuine Cheerleader! Don”t let them make excuses. – Help them get out of their own way! PS – do it with a smile!

That was last week. The week I “forgot” my running shoes. This week, I ran my first “long run” – 3 miles without any pain in my IT band. (Since September of last year, pain in my IT band had prevented me from running!) There”s no way I would have been able to accomplish that goal if I let a little self-sabotaging get in my way. (Thank you Danielle!) That”s a success even my subconscious-self can be happy about!

What’s your dream?

PS – Dream BIG!

-Daisy Nguyen

Dreamer. Writer. Creator.


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Is there HOPE?

Is there HOPE?

Is there HOPE?

If you attended a school where the reputation of the school was “the last stop.” A place where “delinquents” and “children with behavioral issues” are sent to learn – with a label like that, is there hope for you?

I recently joined the advisory board of Girls In Action. GIA is a non-profit organization that has dared to work with many young girls who are labeled and attend what some call “last stop” schools. GIA works with young girls through a weekly program that re-engages them with their studies, their leadership, and ultimately – their futures.

To better understand the organization, the work, and the girls, I asked to join Dr. Verna Price, founder & President of GIA, on a recent field trip. The field trip included volunteer women leaders/mentors and several girls that attended some of those “last stop” schools. The field trip, in essence, was a scavenger hunt for possibilities, opportunities and dreams. We visited the International Market Square – the largest home & commercial interior design marketplace in the Upper Midwest. We wanted to show the girls that the possibilities were as big as you could dream. (so, PS – DREAM BIG!)

We saw some of the most beautiful kitchens, textiles, and furnishings the heart can imagine – and more. However, the most valuable gems were the women business owners who had volunteered to take the time from their busy schedules to tell us their stories:

Talin Spring – a women who recently moved from Europe. With a name so beautiful, it wasn”t a surprise to learn that she grew up with a love for beautiful hand made designs. Fond memories of her mother sewing beautiful embroidered designs brought her to the business she currently runs today – her shop showcases an evolving collection of fabrics and home accessories from European mobile casino designers and artists.

Caroline Andrea Vaaler – a women who”s passions and experiences in graphic design eventually led her to the business of beauty – mores specifically the beauty in distinctive furniture & accessories. Her story”s beginning is an ending of a career and a shift away from graphic design into a new beginning – She finds and represents beautiful artistic lines of furniture and accessories. A wonderful lesson for the girls to see: our journeys are always evolving, and an ending is really a new beginning!

Julie Dasher – a women who used to scavenge left over textile scraps from the docks of the IMS building to create rugs. She found she had a passion for rugs. And then one day found herself designing a magnificent rug for the governor”s mansion. Today, she designs rugs for clients all over the world.

These savvy business women had an infectious energy, a positive outlook, and quiet peace about them. And for a brief moment, instead of feeling hopeless They feel as if truck best-driving-school.com is easy and they don’t need to put in much effort. and powerless, we were surrounded by beauty and hope.

Did the girls see what I saw? Did they hear what I heard? I don”t know. But as we sat and enjoyed a lunch together, there was grace, there was laughter, there was talk about the future, and there was talk about possibilities.

So, is there hope?

The wonderful thing about hope – you only need to experience it for a moment to know that there IS hope.

What”s your dream?

PS – Dream BIG!

-Daisy Nguyen

Dreamer. Writer. Creator.

Pics of our DAY:

We all try to squeeze in and take a picture with Julie Dasher!

We are getting ready to enjoy lunch together!

Our Table At Lunch!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: If you would like to learn more about Girls In Action, become a volunteer, bring the GIA programs to your school/community, become a girl in GIA, or donate to support GIA”s programs, please check out the Girls In Action website or shoot me an email and I will connect you to the wonderful folks at GIA!






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Daily Challenge: Start or end the day doing whatever YOU want to do

Daily Challenge: Start or end the day doing whatever YOU want to do

Here”s a simple daily challenge to help you take a step closer to your dream:

Start or end your day doing whatever it is that YOU want to do – for 10 minutes.

Everyone has 10 minutes. You”d spare it for someone else – why not for yourself?

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If you dream of dancing – spend 10 minutes dancing your heart out. Watch a youtube video best online casino on how to get your dance It’s an accounting 1 2 3

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